In attendance: Chrissy, Nathan, Jake, Laura, Lea, Kevin

@MIT: Gabi, Eesh

Absent: None

  • State of Treasury Update (Chrissy):
    1. ODGE funds have been deposited
    2. Amounts available (and expected payouts)
      1. ODGE fund: $10,992.52 remaining, expected payouts of about $730. Payout amount depends on student seminar events and the ren fair
      2. APO fund: $548.74 remaining, no expected payouts currently (anyone planning department events this semester?). Social events are going in this account. Let Chrissy know if you are planning an event
      3. YOUI fund: $2379.07 remaining, no expected payouts (managed by Kris Kipp, purely social). Rolls over, haven’t used it yet this semester. 1 event in the works so far (ballet?)
  • Student Center survey results and plans (Jacob):
    1. Shelving is going in the back room, doing some reorganization
    2. People sort of want everything (20% want piano, 20% want to play pool)
    3. Jake(ob) will look into printer problems and let Lea know what is wrong
    4. Piano: not just the tuning is wrong. Might be expensive
  • WHOI Student Organization Constitution
    1. Current election rules: vague enough that our current system is still okay
    2. Could put meetings on the whoi calendar, then we don’t need to send an email
    3. Let’s do an amendment to make it so that APO is not required to help with the tallying
  • Steinbach Scholar Instructions and Email Template (Lea)
    1. Scholars complained about the lack of communication with student hosts and the visit itself
    2. Some scholars want free time, or morning talks only, etc.
    3. Lea is revising the instructions and making things more clear for both the students and the scholar
    4. Main issue is better communication
  • November/December Social hour(s) (Kevin)
    1. December is a short month. Should we do 1 or 2 between now and the end of the semester? On a Tuesday or a Thursday?
    2. Let’s do a prefinals morale booster?
    3. We have a lot of money, so let’s do a nice social hour
  • Beer payment (Kevin)
    1. If people stop paying, Kevin will stop buying beer (this would be sad)
    2. Not that many people are drinking it, so maybe it is okay if we don’t have beer?
  • Career Resources webpage (Lea)
    1. Meg Tivey has asked Lea to make a career resources webpage. Medium length, not too short or too long.
    2. Student reps will provide feedback
  • Agenda/meeting idea (Gabi)
    1. Add estimated time to your proposed agenda items
    2. Example: Buffins (Laura, 5 minutes)
  • Buffins discussion (Laura)
    1. We are running out of spreads quickly, including the expensive ones like almond butter. Stuff to buy at Costco: cream cheese, peanut butter, nutella
    2. Laura has been buying fruit more than once a week
    3. Report on costs associated with additional baked goods: approx. $40 spent on supplies, for 2 rounds of yummy food. We will keep doing this.
    4. Let it be known that Eesh would like it to be less than $40, but he was overruled.
    5. Almond butter will be a limited item. once it’s gone, it’s gone
    6. Spread amount in the village has been okay
  • To do list for each rep
    1. Jake will look into printer issues and tell Lea what is wrong with it
    2. Jake will check on repair costs of piano and tell Lea how much it would be
    3. Kevin will plan a social hour for Dec. 1st
    4. Lea will look into what happens with gifts (aka getting rid of the piano?)
    5. Eesh will handle the amendment after Lea double checks with APO that we can get rid of their official role in the elections